+49 (0)69 974 61-189 Car-Logistic

Pan-European Organisation

  • Our multilingual employees are present anywhere in Europe within 24 hours
  • Mobile infrastructure (office containers, tents for indoor work)
  • Professional repair (with combi-repair if required)

Industrialised Working Method (assembly line)

  1. Dismantling
  2. Repair
  3. Final control

Quality Guarantee

  • Our dismantling team has been trained by the maufacturers on the latest vehicle models
  • Trained and qualified hail technicians with years of professional practice
  • Quality management with row of lights for the final control


  • All of our employees have the required job permits and social insurance numbers
  • Public liability insurance with a high cover
  • ONE contact for you who coordinates all of the processes


  • Bases: locally
  • Volumes: up to 200 vehicles / day at peak times (depending on the damage)
  • Leadtime: 24 hours


  • Volume-related discount on the order volume