hagelhilfe GmbH +49 (0)69 974 61-189

hagelhilfe GmbH has a pan-European presence and specialises in the adjustment of hail damage. Contrary to normal damage, hail damage normally occurs within a regionally restricted area and more frequently. The repair of the affected vehicles often subjects the damaged parties to personnel and organisational difficulties.

hagelhilfe GmbH has been active in this market segment for more than 15 years. and in addition to a wide range of experience and specialised software, it is also a recognised competence in the field of the appraisal and repairing of hail damage. hagelhilfe GmbH is one of the leading European providers of the “paintless dent repair method".

Our repair capacities currently amount to up to 200 vehicles per day (depending on the damage situation). Our flexible structures enable us to be in an optimal position for dealing with serious damage. We operate with a permanent technical organisation which we can use to control up to 100 hail technicians and at the same time provide us with sufficient resources.